The Samburu Project

  • In 2006, Kristen Kosinki founded The Samburu Project. Her objective was to drill wells in an all women’s village in Africa. From 2005-2015, The Samburu Project drilled 79 wells, which translates to clean drinking water for almost 80,000 people. In 2007, the MaddocksBrown Foundation began its association with Samburu by funding their inaugural well. Because of the access to clean water, the number of girls being educated has tripled within the well communities. Women have created income-generating businesses and self-sustaining gardens. Clean water means the eradication of water-borne illnesses and proper hygiene for those communities, and so much more. The activism continues with The Samburu Project’s “Face of Water” exhibit, which raises awareness of the effects of clean water to a Kenyan community.

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