Brown Center for Adaptive Aquatic Therapy at CSUN

The Brown Center for Adaptive Aquatic Therapy at California State University, Northridge was funded by a grant and matched by an Act of Congress leading to one of the only facilities of its kind in the country. It includes a large pool, a ramp for wheelchair accessibility, a hot pool, a pool with specialized underwater exercise gear, a cold room and cold pool for young mothers with multiple sclerosis, a gym, and a dressing room. Classes taught in the facility include Aqua Arthritis, a low-intensity exercise class that people of all levels can participate in to strengthen their body. Adapted Aquatics for Children is an individualized aquatic activity program for children with special needs; the program emphasizes adapted aquatic skills, water safety, balance, and mobility. The Deep Water Exercise class is a group fitness class for individuals who cannot bear any weight during exercise, such as people who had recent joint replacement surgery or chronic lower back pain. Over the years, the Brown Center has helped thousands of people overcome pain and disability and trained some of Los Angeles’ best physical therapists.