Brown Family Endowment for Modern Music

  • The Los Angeles Philharmonic MaddocksBrown Fund for New Music provides an endowment to generate new works by living composers annually. The inaugural performance featured the world premiere of “The Only One” by Dutch composer and pianist Louis Andriessen in 2019.

    Andriessen described the makeup of his composition: “The orchestral lineup includes, as is often my custom, bass guitar and guitar. This isn’t often done, with the exception of film composers. I almost never write for the sound of a full string orchestra, but rather for a reduced section. Six violins per part can already make enough noise. There is a harp and a pianist who also plays celesta. The piece flirts a bit with certain kinds of pop songs and light music, and starts out with a beautiful song. In the end, very little of that remains.

    The second installment of the series in 2020 is entitled “Reich/Richter” by ice if the first generation of minimalist masters, Steve Reich.

    Reich said of this work-in-progress: “I’ve been spending the last year working on a piece by Gerhard Ritcher, who made a film and I’m writing music for it, a completely abstract film based on paintings manipulated by computer. It’s the first time I’ve done anything with film. It begins with these very simples lines, very fine and very brilliantly colored and they are constantly shifting in motion.”

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