Santé D’Or Foundation

  • The MaddocksBrown Foundation has consistently provided funds, matching grants, and materials to keep the Sante’ D’Or community operating and expanding its visibility locally and nationally. In 2017, they found forever homes for nearly 400 animals, including dogs, cats and hundreds of kittens. Many of the rescue animals arrive in a sub-optimal state, often affected by a combination of treatable illness, neglect, stress, anxiety, and sometimes abuse. Sante’ D’Or provides them with necessary medical treatment by a veterinarian and a healthy, natural diet coupled with loving care. They use eco-friendly products, practice conservation, provide quality food free of by-products and use biodegradable litter. The cats are free to roam and play which directly translates into healthy and well-adjusted animals, who make great companions. Volunteers work with the animals seven days a week and unlike most shelters, all day.

    Sante’ D’Or offers many promotions including: Cat of the Month, The Pearl Program (highlighting senior cats), a monthly newsletter and Cat Yoga (an hour-long yoga session led by registered instructors, with assistance by special yogi cats). The foundation also holds special events throughout the year including Cocktails for Critters, Race for the Rescues, a holiday open house and an upcoming event slated for Valentine’s Day 2019, sponsored by MaddocksBrown.

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