MaddocksBrown Award for Contemporary Poetry

On March 22nd, the first MaddocksBrown Grant for Contemporary Poetry was presented to Kate Partridge at the University of Southern California. The judge was the University of Southern California’s Magill Poetry distinguished reader, Mr. Arthur Sze. The annual prize provided funding for a travel opportunity to inspire an original poem to one graduate student in the PhD in Creative Writing & Literature program. During Summer 2018, Partridge traveled extensively to San Francisco, Joshua Tree, and Yosemite as well as New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada, to explore the desert and ecology for her full-length collection of poems titled THINE. The trips allowed her to write broadly about both desert landscapes and the artists who worked there including Agnes Martin and Dorothea Lange. Each year, the previous year’s recipient will read their poem from the grant period at the opening of the annual Magill Poetry Reading and the new recipient will be announced. The 2019 grant recipient will be announced on March 25, 2019.

Arthur Sze and Kate Partridge (photo credit Arianne Alizio)